The process of creation starts from women portraits taken by me in Studio, with a post-production process and a graphics tablet  I draw on the photograph, the designs are completely created by me and even the shots of flowers/animals/object are taken by me. Sometimes  I can use also other picture like a collage.

PRINT: the artwork created by Silvia Lisotti has been designed according to the specifications of the Digigraphie® that guarantee quality and a long durability.
The artwork will be print from the laboratory Photogem s.r.l. on Epson Water Resistant Matte Canvas 375 gr,with Epson Ultrachrome K3 HDR

DIMENSION:size by customer request Digital Painting Art - Livia n.23Digital Painting Art - Livia n.22Digital Painting Art - Elena n.14Digital Painting Art - Greta n.15Digital Painting Art - Beatrice n.16Digital Painting Art  - StefaniaDigital Painting Art  - Sonia n.5Digital Painting Art  - Flavia n.17Digital Painting Art  - Sonia n.4Digital Painting Art - Alex n.18Digital Painting Art - Fabrizia n.19Digital Painting Art 9 - Lise n.20Digital Painting Art - Federica n.21